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SUBSCENT Making Sense of Scents

We will provide the best scent diffuser with the highest quality essential oil for your favorite home scent.

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User-Friendly App

Download our app, sign in and enjoy your scented home

Spread evenly throughout your home

Fill the room in seconds with subtle, even scent

Long Lasting

Over 800 hours of use depends on intensity level

therapeutic grade

no parabens

cold press

no GMOs

pet safe


Subscent™ Home Scenting

Over the years SUBSCENT™ has been committed to refining and improving residential scenting and now we are happy to bring this technology into your home in one simple tool.

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Essential oils have proven health benefits that are now available to use in your everyday home experience.


Scent is powerful and emotional. A scent can trigger a sweet memory and transport us to a happy and comforting time. At SUBSCENT™️, we set out to reinvent the way you scent your home.

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